Friday, October 24, 2014

Several people have this idea in their mind of creating overnight success like Mark of Facebook, recently I decided to take a look at the Forbes list of the World's Billionaire, Almost al these men and women are way old, and have accumulated riches over the years but then there are those of the internet and social media age who came up from nowhere and climb high the ladder, looks almost like they didn't do anything to get there, this is what am writing about everyone wants to be like those young dudes probably in their late twenties and early thirties, while it is good to aim high or for the best the odds are simply rare.

But you can achieve success and be happier, I for one don't need those billions dollar to be happy and successful neither do most of us, there are some  on those lists that are super rich, one in particular stands on the number 1022 about 4.3 billion dollar worth if I have quoted rightly yet far distant from those in the first twenty, but this person is very very rich as far as I know, imagine what it means to be number 10.

It is high time you stop allowing yourself to be brainwash having this idea in your head of being a billionaire or super rich when you can be very happy, righteous and successful with few millions in the bank, rather do the

Create a good product
There are still good product out there waiting for consumers to grab, don't overkill yourself in other to find it, just observe the needs around your greatly and build something that meet that, and imagine people around the world that needs something just like that. Good products doesn't have to be a lot complex, that's another brain-washing it is just a product that needs to do something plainly simple, I have seen lots of products these days that bedazzled me but that don't even require rocket science.

Put a Fair Price
If your product is ready, put a good price don't overkill the profit, if the product is good the price would be fair and the consumer would surely come back for more.

Market Your Product
Good products don't require much of marketing, but every product require some level of marketing and networking, tell your family and friends first, the rest is left to efficiency and effectiveness.

The advice here apply to both entrepreneurs and working individuals, Incase of individuals you are the product, the skills are the product you want to sell, your price is the value in times of money you put on yourself, and let people know what you can do is how you market yourself, your friends and family are the best people who can first give  a recommendation if you skills are impressive.
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